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About Us

MVM Management is the premier provider of comprehensive business solutions to small and mid-size companies. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives by providing the highest quality of administrative, financial and marketing support services. We seek to create customized, unique value propositions that allow our client organizations to focus on core competencies while maintaining integrity and efficiency in all areas of management. Our vision is for every business we assist to reach its fullest potential – helping them drive toward increased growth opportunities through improved operational performance, greater customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability margins.


We support you in handling your business emails, handle phone calls and communicate with your customers as needed in english or spanish. We can support with the majority of task that a secretary can do.


We help you analyze your income and expenses to find areas of opportunity. We can implement an accounting program to keep your finances organized.


We detect, evaluate and develop a strategic plan to publicize and promote your business through social media networks, emails, websites and SEO.


As a business owner it can be challenging at times to administer and run all business aspects of the business on your own or when starting out. Many times all you need is a partner in your business to talk, listen and brain storm all possible options, ideas and solutions. With our consulting service we can hear you and provide guidance to reach your goals. We have invested thousands of hours in helping small business owners. Our team has completed training courses from Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and many more to provide you with insight you may have never considered or been stuck or afraid to move forward with it.


Having a third person review your business operations, goals, sales, employees workflow, and leadership style can be a great investment to evaluate the performance of your organization. Our assessment can provide an overview of your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

We will visit your business location and evaluate the area you want to improve on. 


We have the ability to support you in your administrative, finance and marketing areas through remote support.

We connect to your tablet, cell phone or computer. This gives us the opportunity to solve any doubt you have in order to fulfill your daily tasks. This works great as a training session or resolve technical issues or errors.


maricela cruz president and director of administration


President and Director of Administration

mvm management consultant and director of it


Director of Technology and Consultant

web development specialist


Web Development Specialist


Marketing Specialist

Let us help your business!

What Our Client Says!

As a small business owner, I'm extremely pleased with MVM's MaviStrategies department. MVM Management support and guidance have definitely aid my business. The team helped me build and manage my website. Thanks to their support and guidance, I've increased organic traffic to my website, Instagram followers and my online sales. I've learned a lot through working with them and now I'm more confident to be able to market and scale up my business. MVM Management also helped me in a time of struggle when I received an IRS and California Franchise Tax Board notice and had missed some critical business administrative task. They guided me in getting the issues resolved and began using their administrative services to help me confirm that I was following proper California procedures to stay in compliance. Overall, I'm thankful to be working with MVM and excited for greater growth and guidance.
Owner, DeOroSports


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